Friday, 12 August 2016


Christmas should be a magical time and hopefully it is for you the reader, but boy is it hard work. The planning, the shopping, the cooking and then the mess that ensues!
Here’s the thing… It doesn’t have to be. You could have a truly memorable Christmas without the work
At Stanford Skiing we have 20 years’ experience at delivering fantastic ski holidays to couples and families across the UK. Don’t believe us? Read the reviews. All you need to do is book your flight to Geneva and we’ll take care of the rest
Our friendly and helpful staff will be waiting for you at Geneva airport, ready to transfer you across in just 75 minutes to one of our chalets or hotels in Megeve, the French Alps
When you arrive into this picture perfect resort, we’ll welcome you into the warm with a coffee (or perhaps something stronger if you prefer!) Your Evasion Mont Blanc ski passes will be ready – giving you access to 445 kilometres of stunning tree lined pistes. That view you’ll get at the top of the mountains will be unforgettable. We are holding our pre-Brexit exchange rate at 1.28 for lift passes  so you can book your holiday with confidence knowing that you will save money
We offer both self-catered and catered accommodation. If you opt for the latter, you will not be disappointed. Our excellent chefs are given carte blanche to create delicious meals – perfect after a hard day’s skiing. Even better, the house wine’s free! Of course on Christmas Day, expect the full works... with no washing up

Sound good? It gets better. THIS CHRISTMAS you could have 9 nights for the price of 5 staying in magical Megeve from Sunday 18th December for 9 nights until Tuesday 27th December from only £550/person! 

 There really is no better place to wake up on Christmas Day and imagine a ski before Christmas dinner. Megeve is a beautiful village, really traditional with cobbled streets and horse drawn carriages.  There is a huge Christmas tree in the central square, Father Christmas visits and it’s a perfect Alpine place to be at this special time of the year

Thinking about it? Give us a call on 01603 477471 or drop us an email Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the holiday you deserve this Christmas!

Hope to hear from you soon
Team Stanford Skiing

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Vallee Blanche

Yesterday we skied the Vallee Blanche with all the staff. It was touch and go as the guides predicted high winds, and said the Montenvers  lift might be closed.  This lift is the one that you get at the end of the trip.  You have to climb something like 450 steps carrying your skis and wearing ski boots before you get to it.  If it is closed then you have to climb a similar additional distance.  I have never had to do the last part and never want to.   Climbing 450 steps just about finishes me off. Anyway, we were extremely lucky as the wind died down.
The day did not start off particularly well.  The Mont Blanc lift company look over the Megeve lifts at the beginning of the season, and we were told we could issue ski passes for Chamonix.   Oh no! Chamonix can issue passes for Megeve but not the other way round.   So we got to the lift barrier( after about an hour's queue) to find the ski passes didn't work.  So we had another half an hour's wrangling with the lift office before we got the right passes.  But as it happened we got lucky, as in that time the wind dropped so the walk down the arrete was fine.  It would have been very unpleasant in high wind.  Before you put your skis on the guides rope you up and you then walk down the arrete to where it levels out and you can start to ski.  There is a rope to hang on to.  You just don't look down as Chamonix is 3000 metres below.
We all skied together which was fun.  It was a bit icy the first few turns but then the snow softened up. In fact, when we got to the Mer De GlacĂ© (which is the flat bit of the glacier) it was almost too soft.  It was a great day and the sun shone, so we all ended up stripping off loads of layers.   We had been told it would be -25C so had dressed appropriately.  
What a way to end the season!   Most of the staff are having a few days in Budapest to round it off.
Here is one of the many group photos.

Monday, 11 April 2016


As soon as everyone went home the sun came out.  Sod's law!   We had a little snow on Friday night but the cloud was down on Saturday, so though we skied a little off piste we did not do a lot.  We started off in two groups, but then the parents of the youngest children split off from the rest of us.   We all met for lunch at the Gouet except for one family who couldn't get there.  There were 20 of us! But Sunday dawned bright and sunny and today has been much the same, though it's clouding over this afternoon.  John came and joined me on Sunday and we found some untracked snow over the back of the Ladies Downhill.  We ended up doing a run across a field  to a stream, which we had to jump.  Quite difficult in Ski boots.  We had to climb out but that only took about five minutes.  It was preferable to skiing out along the stream, which I don't like at the best of times.  
The pistes are deserted although it is still French holidays.   Everywhere is slowly closing down.  Today the St Nicholas and Chatterix lifts were closed, as well as the Monrosset.  The snow was good and I had a lovely morning.  It is all rather sad but on the plus side the mountain crocuses have suddenly arrived.  They are tiny and mostly white, though there are a few yellow and purple ones.  The primroses have been in flower for some time and the banks in the town are yellow with them.  They didn't seem to suffer from the snow on Friday.  

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Family holiday

We are having a great week.  The weather isn't marvellous as we have had a foehn wind for the last few days, so the snow has got very soft by the afternoon.  It's been fine in the mornings though.  Today was colder and the snow was much better.  We have been having lunch at most of our favourite restaurants.  Monday was the Staduel, Tuesday the Alpage, Wednesday the Telepherique and today the Gouet.  Caroline and I ate at the Radaz on Saturday.  The restauranteurs have been pleased to see us.  In some cases there have been 22 of us, but some days we have split up as the younger children are unable to ski to the restaurants that are not near the ski school.  In most cases we have been the majority of people eating there.  Katie Campbell is teaching our four grandchildren and Anna Booth, so they are having a lovely time.  Sadly, they all go on Sunday.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Staff lunch

On Friday we had our end of season staff lunch at Au Petit Cuchet, Combloux.   It is just above the car park when you ski down the blue run to Combloux.  It was a bit cloudy in the morning and we skied with Elizabeth, Caroline, Emily, Lizzie and Tommy.  We went over to Giettaz and then came back and, inevitably, ended up on the boarder cross.   I have done quite a few of those this week.  Elizabeth raced Rory and Amy and got a great start and was racing to a win when they came across Tommy in a heap.   He had been racing his sister.   Anyway, Elizabeth claimed the win.  Sadly, Jaillet has now closed for the season.  It always closes a week or two earlier than the rest of Megeve.  Yesterday Elizabeth and John were working so Caroline and I skied with the children.  They spend the whole time finding the bumps and jumps down the side of the pistes.  I feel that I am not only an authority on boarder cross courses but also on where to  find the best bumps and jumps.   It is all hugely entertaining.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

3 Days' Skiing

Sorry I haven't blogged for a bit but I've been having too much fun!  I've been skiing with Ali and Matt Kinsey and their children, Jackie and Seb, and their friend, Fiona, and her daughter, Rosie.   The girls are 12 and Seb 9, much the same as our grandchildren.  Ali is the daughter of John's best man so we have known her forever, and Matt was at Manchester Medical School with Elizabeth, although they didn't socialise.  Matt used to sit behind Elizabeth in exams (Kinnear and Kinsey) 
Anyway we went to Jaillet on Monday.  The kids insisted on skiing the ski cross three times so we didn't get over to Giettaz until the weather had started to turn, cold and snow, so we only skied the one run there and headed off to the BonJournal, which was full.  On Tuesday we started off on the Rochebrune ridge where we found about two inches of fresh snow on the pistes, which was lovely.  We got the bus to Mont D'Arbois where John caught up with us and skied a few runs off the back of les Clementines and the Epaule ridge and then had lunch at the Gouet.  Today we went to Les Contamines.  It was a bit cloudy with flat light in the morning but glorious sunshine after lunch. We tried out the new rope tow lift which was hard work.  It is quite steep and the rope is new so we all had marks or holes in our gloves.  We went up the Veleray drag lift which isn't often open as it is steep and off piste.  There was fresh snow but it was quite challenging, although good in places.   The kids did amazingly well.  After lunch we did the ski cross and I managed the box rail perfectly!   So I'm now looking forward to our family arriving.  Elizabeth, Emily and Tommy and Caroline and Lizzie arrive tomorrow evening.  Anna is on a school trip to Pompeii so is coming our with her dad on Monday.  Elizabeth's John arrives at the weekend.  We have three other families staying with us so we are all in the Rond Point.  

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Weekend

It's been an odd weekend, weather wise.   All week we had glorious sunshine until Friday, when it was cloudy and snow showers.   Fortunately John managed to get us the last table at the Radaz so things looked up.  Then Saturday was gorgeous.   We had been invited to a late lunch with our friends who live just outside Argentiere, so we skied for three hours.  Although there were a lot of people around who only met queues at the Mont Joux and Epaule chairs, and they were only about five minutes.  Woods and Folie Douce we're hosting end of season parties, and I think a lot of people were there.  But Argentiere was absolutely heaving.   The car park was full and people were parking a kilometre down the road.   Just as well we did not ski there.  Then today it was back to Friday's weather.  There were a lot of people in town and the shops all had massive sales.  I bought a pair of shearling boots at half price, though still expensive but I needed cheering up! 
Over the weekend Megeve has been hosting an International Jazz Festival.   We went to the Melody Gardot concert on Friday night at the new Palais de Sport. We preferred her quieter ballads to the whole ensemble.  The lighting was spectacular but  the concert hall was unfinished, no air conditioning and portaloos.  It was a very good evening but true to form ran very late. But at least we only got one speech.